Making a will is not just a legal task for the elderly, sick people or parents - you never know when the worst could happen, and circumstances can change at a moment’s notice. Having a will is a must in today’s world and our experienced team provide personal advice on preparing a Will.

Wills are important for many adults and at the time of your death they should accurately reflect your financial circumstances and personal choices. We recommend a proactive approach when it comes to making a will and now is a good time to get your financial affairs in order. The benefits of having a will are to:

  • Reduce stress and worry for those left behind;
  • Make sure your assets go to the right people;
  • Appoint a guardian for your young children;
  • Provide for children and stepchildren;
  • Leave assets to your partner if you’re unmarried;
  • Structure your Estate and minimise your liability for Inheritance Tax;
  • Have peace of mind knowing you have protected your loves ones;
  • Appoint a trusted executor to carry out the plans laid out in your will

Please view our fixed fee price lists or to discuss your will requirements please email Rodney Lester on rodney.lester@lestercampbell.co.uk or call him on 07899 901586.

For a Will to be valid: it must be in writing, signed by you, and witnessed by two people. During this Coronavirus Pandemic we can facilitate Will signing and adhere to social distancing rules. Our team are actively advising our clients by email, telephone and video conferencing.