Wills, Power of Attorney & Probate Price List


At Lester Campbell, we offer a friendly and accessible Wills and Probate service on a fixed-fee basis which is not limited by the time we spend with you.

Our Approach to Wills 

Having a Will that is drafted by a Solicitor who understands your wishes and helps you to achieve them is an important part of looking after those you care about in the future. We believe that decisions regarding your Will can only be made when you confidently understand the legal effect of the choices you make, for this reason our experts will take the time to advise you accurately on every element of your Will so that you create the Will you want.

It is important to us that we can be satisfied you have been given proper information and advice, an opportunity to discuss your wishes and that you are able to revert to us, before you sign the Will, with any queries or to request changes you might wish to make. 

Wills Price List

Please view our fixed-fee price lists via the link below and contact Rodney Lester with any queries or to instruct us.

Why choose Lester Campbell for your Will?

You will get from us:

  • specialist help and advice
  • all legal matters explained to you in plain English
  • as much time spent with you a necessary
  • a fixed-fee so that you know the cost from the outset 

Our Approach to Probate 

If there is no Will when someone who lived in England or Wales dies, then someone (usually a relative or close friend) will apply to the Probate Registry to become an Administrator which gives them a right to deal with the estate by means of a Grant of Letters of Administration. At Lester Campbell, we will carry out all the work required for the initial stages of Probate on your behalf to ensure the deceased's estate can be identified and handed over legally. Our fixed-fee Probate service includes:

  • Identifying legally appointed Executors or Administrators
  • Identifying the beneficiaries
  • Obtaining a copy of the Will and checking that it is valid
  • Determining whether Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration are required by identifying and valuing the assets and liabilities
  • Completing and submitting Inheritance Tax Forms
  • Completing the Grant of Probate application and submitting it to the Probate Registry
  • Sending copies of the Grant to you

Our fixed-fee service applies where there are no business assets to consider, where the estate is not above the value of £1m and where no unforeseen complications arise.  In those circumstances we will discuss with you the work required to be undertaken and provide you with a tailored estimate of our fees.

Probate Price List

Our fixed-fee price lists will be published here shortly. In the meantime, please contact Rodney Lester with any queries or to instruct us.