Complaints Procedure


If you are dissatisfied with the service we have provided then you have the right to complain. The Legal Ombudsman service has been operational since October 6th, 2010 and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that complaints are dealt with appropriately. However, before you contact the Legal Ombudsman you must first register an official complaint with us. Normally, the Legal Ombudsman expects you to give us 8 weeks to try to resolve the matter. If after 8 weeks you are still dissatisfied you can then involve the Legal Ombudsman. For more information on how the Legal Ombudsman works please  visit the Legal Ombudsman website.


In normal circumstances you are required to register a complaint within one year.  You must then give us 8 weeks to try to resolve your complaint before contacting the Legal Ombudsman.

A complaint to the Legal Ombudsman must normally be made within six months of the date of the conclusion of the Firm's complaints procedure. In summary:

  • You must register your complaint with us within one year
  • The Legal Ombudsman expects you to give us 8 weeks to try to resolve your complaint
  • After this time, you can contact the Legal Ombudsman (but you must do so within 6 months)

Getting Started

To register a formal complaint, please write to us and include all the information suggested by the Legal Ombudsman - their website includes some useful checklists and sample letters.

We hope that you will be pleased with the work we do for you and will be happy to recommend us. However, should there be any aspect of our service with which you are unhappy please raise your concern in the first instance with the person having day-to-day conduct of your transaction. If you are not satisfied with the response at that stage then please contact the Supervising Partner.

Complaints regarding a Conveyancing matter should be addressed to Jade Campbell (e. and complaints regarding a Commercial Property transaction should be addressed to Rodney Lester (e. in the first instance.  Complaints about Jade Campbell should be addressed to Rodney Lester and complaints about Rodney Lester should be addressed to Jade Campbell.

We will acknowledge all complaints within 3 working days.  Thereafter we will investigate and aim to respond fully within 21 working day thereafter.

We will undertake a thorough investigation of your complaint and attempt to achieve a satisfactory resolution as swiftly as possible

In addition to the Legal Ombudsman, several other complaints bodies exist which are also able to deal with complaints about legal services - these are: Ombudsman Services, ProMediate, Small Claims Mediation and the European Online Dispute Resolution platform. Information about these alternatives can be found at: