Price List


At Lester Campbell we believe in fair and transparent pricing, with no “hidden” fees.

Wherever possible we offer a fixed-fee for our personal, efficient conveyancing services. Our Conveyancing Price Lists are published fully at the bottom of this page. Should you require a personal quotation or written confirmation please contact our friendly team of conveyancing experts and we’ll be happy to help.

Throughout 2021 Lester Campbell will donate £10 from every bill raised in relation to the provision of conveyancing services to our Charity of the Year, Life Experience. See our In The Community page for more details!

What is included in the fixed-fee?

We charge an all-inclusive fee which means our fixed-fee includes all work incidental to a typical transaction, including acting for a mortgage lender and submitting your stamp duty return. 

Always check for "hidden" fees

We do not charge the following additional fees which are routinely added by some conveyancing firms:

  • Stamp Duty Return Submission Fee
  • Mortgage Admin Fee
  • Bank Transfer Fees
  • Postage & Packaging Fees
  • Archiving Services Fees
  • A Search Services Fee (fee added to the cost of the Searches)

How to compare conveyancing quotes

When comparing conveyancing quotes please look out for the above "hidden" fees! The key word to look for when comparing quotes is “fee” which indicates it is a fee and not an expense incurred. The fees need to be added to ascertain the true fee.

Always request an Additional Fees Guide before instructing a conveyancer so you can check the cost for "hidden" fees and also request confirmation of the total anticipated cost to be incurred so that you can compare the total cost and manage your budget effectively.

The cost of expenses incurred can also vary greatly with additional administration fees often built in. For example a Search Services Pack may include no administration fees or hundred of pounds worth, significantly increasing the overall cost.

At Lester Campbell there are no "hidden" fees

Our Price Lists are comprehensive and enable you to budget with ease. They also include an Additional Fee Guide to ensure there are no nasty surprises!

If you require clarification as to whether or not an Additional Fee may apply please simply contact us to discuss.

Our Conveyancing Price Lists

Please view our conveyancing price lists via the below links and contact us with any queries or to instruct us.

Alternatively, you can get an instant conveyancing quote using our handy online calculator tool.

We have recently introduced a specialist new build conveyancing service for buyer of new build homes, please call Victoria Martin on 07890 748464 or email for a no obligation quote and to discuss your conveyancing needs.

Track your conveyancing case in real-time

Providing an efficient, personal conveyancing service is at the heart of everything we do at Lester Campbell and, our clients can stay up to date with every step of their property transaction via the Perfect Portal app. This handy app links conveyancer, estate agent, and mortgage broker together so that everybody involved can track the case in real-time and receive timely notifications and notifications via the app as the transaction progresses.

Perfect Portal provides transparency to our clients and is free to use once you’ve instructed Lester Campbell as your conveyancer - our friendly team are always on hand to answer any queries along the way too. Please do view our fixed-fee price lists above or contact us for a conveyancing quote.

Commercial Property Prices

Due to the varying nature of Commercial Property transactions we are not currently able to provide a Fixed Fee Price List for Commercial Property transactions. Please therefore contact Rodney Lester on 0113 467 0101 or at for a personal quotation.