Equity Release

Equity Release is a way of accessing cash that is tied up in your property if you are aged 55 or over. You may release equity in your property as either one lump sum, in several smaller amounts or in combination, whichever option you choose your money can then be used for any purpose. At Lester Campbell we will:

  • Provide expert guidance and legal advice on the Equity Release options available to you;
  • Clearly explain each Equity Release product, such as rolled up products and interest only;
  • Discuss retirement planning to ensure your needs are met long-term;
  • Simplify and condense the process as far as possible;
  • Share personalised advice, by your preferred method of communication;
  • Complete your case accurately and efficiently!

We have the expertise to legally advise you on the best Equity Release options for you and your future. Our personal approach means we will offer guidance and solutions to enable you to make informed decisions and proceed with absolute confidence.

Our Equity Release department is led by Jade Campbell, please contact her directly for a quote and to discuss your equity release needs.