Right to Buy Conveyancing

Right to Buy (RTL) allows tenants to buy a council property from the Local Authority or Housing Association which owns the property, often at a discounted price. For this unique property purchase process you need an experienced Right to Buy conveyancer who is accessible, acts quickly and has the experience to navigate through any challenges clearly and efficiently. At Lester Campbell we will:

  • Liaise with the Local Housing Authority on your behalf;
  • Provide direct contact details for the people with day to day conduct of your transaction;
  • Keep you and those involved in your transaction regularly updated;
  • Simplify and condense the process as far as possible;
  • Provide clear, relevant advice, by your preferred method of communication;
  • Complete your case accurately and efficiently!

We have the expertise to guide you through what can often be a complex process and instill absolute confidence at every step. There may be hurdles along the way, but we will offer guidance and solutions to enable you to make informed decisions and proceed with absolute confidence.

Our Right to Buy team is led by Jade Campbell, please contact her directly to discuss your requirements.